#NationalPoetryMonth 22/30

For The Love…

Of you

And all that you do

For the care

The love

The support

The laughter

For making each day

Better than the one before

For the love of loving you

I am happy

And forever grateful

©️2018 All Rights Reserved


#NationalPoetryMonth 21/30

Bundle of Joy

Never did I imagine

The smallest little being

Could bring the greatest of joy

And never did I imagine

That I was capable

Of so much love

My smiles are endless

Days full of joy

She has helped me become

A much better person

My little bundle of joy

©️2018 All Rights Reserved

#NationalPoetryMonth 19/30

All Falls Down

Is that when you’ll settle down

When the card house you built

All falls down

Is that when reality will set in

When the windows get shattered

In the glass house you built

Rose colored glasses

Can’t save you from this

One day a slap in the face

Will wake you from this ignorant bliss

When it all falls down

And there’s is no one there

You will finally see

The people who truly did care

©️2018 All Rights Reserved



I don’t need to be

Don’t really want to be

It used to be a dream

But then I grew up

Learned a lot about myself

I like going where I want

When I want

Without being know

I used to want to be famous

But not anymore

I’m content with simply being me


©2018 All Rights Reserved