Writing from the Road

At the present moment I’m in a car heading to Southern Alabama with my family! We’re going to spend a little over a week with my mother, which excites me because I haven’t seen her since Christmas. And this is our first family trip so that also adds to the excitement!

To my surprise, and my husband’s, our tiny tot is doing very well being in her car seat for an extended period of time. She won’t take a nap, but she’s also not pitching a fit, so it’s an overall win! She’ll just have her meltdown once we get to my mom’s.

Now, I haven’t exactly decided if I’m going to write vacation based posts or stay on schedule and work on Operation Poetry Translation! I might just do both!


Heat of the Moment (A Poem)

Last night I made the greatest speech

That this morning I have come to regret

See in the heat of the moment

And in the midst of my anger

I was truly quick to forget

That we both agreed to never go to bed angry

But even before that we agreed to never attack one another

Now I’m wrapped in a blanket of shame

And the guilt ceases to hover

I won’t point fingers at you

You know what you did wrong

But that didn’t mean I had to fire back

And let the anger carry on

So here we are

In the moment of forgiveness and reconciliation

Never again will we get to this point where the focus is retaliation

I love you

And hurting me is hurting myself

Which can never again be the case


That’s what we need

If it means no longer spewing hatred in each other’s face


©2014 All Rights Reserved

A Different Translation Pt. II

Admittedly, this whole process looks and feels weird. I’m going to stick with three poems for Operation Poetry Translation. At least for right now. I want to see the outcome of these three poems.

What I’ve come to realize is I keep feeling like the translations I’m given are wrong. But who am I to say an ENTIRE community of people are wrong on a language I don’t speak? I have to learn how to trust something I’m not familiar with. This project is turning into a self-discovery process so to speak.

Now the big challenge is figuring out what the titles of these three poems are going to be!

Distant Memory (A Poem)

I remember being a little girl

Who believed in the world

Nothing was impossible for mom and dad

I look back on those days

And I feel so sad

It’s just a distant memory

Where life was a beautiful scenery

A virgin to the exposure of pain

Days before I found myself standing in the rain

Waiting for all the hurt to be washed away

And the clouds to clear leading to a sun filled day

It’s a distant memory

My innocence is gone, but I feel no guilt

Just bridges being burned before the get built

Optimism is a distant memory

Now it’s a prayer I make it through the day

Dealing with the effects of growing up

In a world full of dysfunction

Now I’ve gotta get past the pain

And move away

©️2007 All Rights Reserved

Daydreams (A Poem)

Brown hair, blue eyes 

Prime time in my daydreams 

Never experienced being weak in the knees 

Not until that smile 

Never lost focus on the task at hand 

Not until him 


I get lost in those 

And he’s the star 

The leading man 

The one I’ve been wondering where God kept hidden 

And there he is 

Brown hair, blue eyes 

Everything I’ve ever wanted in a package I never expected 

He’s a distraction I don’t mind 

A quality of characteristics to be the man I’d bring home to meet Mama 

I look forward to when I see him 

Keep him in my prayers when I don’t 

And daydream when I least expect it 

About those blue eyes and that smile 


©2013 All Rights Reserved 

Apology Denied (A Poem)

Each and every time I accepted your apology

You turned around and did the

Same thing to me

And as I sit back

And look back

On our own memory lane

I realize that you’re no good

And I don’t deserve this pain

I think of how hard I tried

I think of how many times I cried

And hear all that you’re saying

But your apology is denied

Save it for another

Because I’ve heard it all

And you can dial my number

As many times as you want to

But I’m not accepting any of your calls

I’m done

I deserve better and more

I’ve put you out of my heart

And shut the door

I know you know what you had

Now that I’m gone

And just keep seeing it

Because I have moved on

I look back and see

How hard I tried

I look back and see

How many times I cried

I look at you

And the man I have now

And your apology remains denied

©️2007 All Rights Reserved

Almost (A Poem)

I almost fell for him completely 

I almost put all of my heart into it 

I almost gave all of me without giving all of me 

I almost, I almost 

But I put the feelings into perspective 

And I looked at the situation for what it was 

He’s not ready and he said that 

But silly me was smitten by his thoughtful words 

So I almost kept up with the game 

I almost robbed myself of something beautiful 

A love that is true and honest 

That’s why I’m glad I almost 

But when the time comes for me to be with the man God designed for me 

I won’t almost, I will 

I won’t have ups and downs of whether it’s right or wrong 

Because I’ll know, I’ll show it 

And he will do the same 

I almost fell for him completely 

I almost put all of my heart into it 

I almost gave all of me without giving all of me 

I have no regrets though and I never will 

Because when did almost count for anything 


©2008 All Rights Reserved. 

Broken Image

She never felt beautiful

She never liked her reflection

She never felt she had anything to offer

She simply never felt good enough

A broken image of beauty

Drowning in the opinions of others

Shattered by doubt

Struggling to see the beauty that she already is

He never felt handsome

He never liked his reflection

He never felt he had anything to offer

He simply never felt good enough

A broken image of beauty

Drowning in the opinions of others

Shattered by doubt

Struggling to see the beauty that he already is

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Is how we’ve all been created

God made no mistakes when He created us

But the world’s voice has been made louder than God’s

And the heartbreaking results is a broken image of beauty

©2014 All Rights Reserved

A Different Translation

I have always had a fascination with learning a different language. I have even made feeble attempts in the past to learn Italian and Spanish on Duolingo. (Which reminds me, I should pick up learning one of those languages again.) Anyway, I want to see what my writing looks like in different languages (you know, as another motivator to learn a new language) and that’s where Google Translate comes in handy! I think it will be a pretty fun project to embark on. I’ve decided that first I will write some new poems because it has been awhile since I’ve written some new poetry. And then I’ll translate the poems into Spanish, Italian, French, and German. I’ve always found those languages the most fascinating and my married name is Italian, so there’s that too!

Now, I haven’t quite decided how many poems I’m going to do, but it’s guaranteed to be at least three! I have no idea what’s going to come of this entire experience, but this is one of those times that I won’t let the fear of the unknown stop me from what I think is a brilliant idea! This project will affectionately be called Operation Poetry Translation!

I’m excited!
¡Estoy emocionado!
Sono emozionato!
Je suis surexcité!
Ich bin aufgeregt!

Wrote from Pain (A Poem)

I started writing out of pain 

And a need to be heard 

Then people liked what I wrote 

So I wrote for them 

Then I stopped writing for them 

And just wrote for me 

Because it was my feelings and not theirs 

And then I learned empathy 

And wrote from different perspectives 

But still it goes back to the beginning 

I started writing out of pain 

And I still write from that 

So I wonder where the words will come from  

Once the pain is all gone 


©2009 All Rights Reserved