The Writing that Scares Me

I was driving home from the library today, when I realized that I need to become more serious about my writing. Even if I don’t share the writing, I need to start taking the time to write the things that scare me. One big reason why I love writing so much is because it allows me the freedom to be whatever voice I want to be. And while I’ve grown comfortable with the many different voices I can be in my writing, the voice I’ve come to fear most is my own. It’s not so much that I won’t like what I have to say because I’m with my thoughts all the time. I’m perfectly fine with what I have to say, it’s just the fear that others won’t like what I have to say. But being fearful of the opinion of others should not keep me from taking a more serious approach to my craft.

So, even if I don’t post anything serious for a long time, I can at least start practicing. And when I get comfortable with balancing being a goofball and being serious with my writing, it won’t matter what I write, when I share it, or the reactions that I get. I just want to become more comfortable with every aspect of who I am as a writer.



I know I possess
So many character flaws
But one flaw I don’t want to have
Is the inability to stand
Stand for what is right
In the sight of God
Stand for what is right
For my people
For the world I was blessed with a voice
And I will stand
I will rise above the screams
With a whisper
So I can command the attention of those
I need to share with
I must do what is right
In the sight of my Lord
My God
My personal savior, Jesus Christ
I must bring the lost
Closer to him
I can live with most of the flaws
That are in my character
Because I can work on those over time
But I can’t live with
The ability to sit and keep quiet
When I should stand and speak
And share the good news
With those who are longing to hear it
©2007 All Rights Reserved.