Broken Image

She never felt beautiful

She never liked her reflection

She never felt she had anything to offer

She simply never felt good enough

A broken image of beauty

Drowning in the opinions of others

Shattered by doubt

Struggling to see the beauty that she already is

He never felt handsome

He never liked his reflection

He never felt he had anything to offer

He simply never felt good enough

A broken image of beauty

Drowning in the opinions of others

Shattered by doubt

Struggling to see the beauty that he already is

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Is how we’ve all been created

God made no mistakes when He created us

But the world’s voice has been made louder than God’s

And the heartbreaking results is a broken image of beauty

©2014 All Rights Reserved

Spent the Entire Day (A Poem)

I spent the entire day
With this one sheet of paper
In my hand
I sat around all day
Writin’ and scratching out words
Because I wanted everything to fit
Like the pieces of a puzzle
I spent the entire day
Trying to express how I feel
For you and how my feelings
Will never change
I sat around all day
Thinking of what it is
That I haven’t said to you
That needs to be said
That you need to hear
I spent the entire day
With you on my mind
One sheet of paper in my hand
One heart with much to share
With one love
That I want to last forever
I spent all day on that

©2007 All Rights Reserved.


I know I possess
So many character flaws
But one flaw I don’t want to have
Is the inability to stand
Stand for what is right
In the sight of God
Stand for what is right
For my people
For the world I was blessed with a voice
And I will stand
I will rise above the screams
With a whisper
So I can command the attention of those
I need to share with
I must do what is right
In the sight of my Lord
My God
My personal savior, Jesus Christ
I must bring the lost
Closer to him
I can live with most of the flaws
That are in my character
Because I can work on those over time
But I can’t live with
The ability to sit and keep quiet
When I should stand and speak
And share the good news
With those who are longing to hear it
©2007 All Rights Reserved.

Bread and Butter

Hands down, my comfort zone is poetry. So there will be a lot of poetry on this site because I literally have thousands of poems dating back to my high school days. My bread and butter is poetry, but after participating in NaNoWriMo last year, I definitely want to branch out more with storytelling. It’s a lot harder and requires a lot more discipline and planning, but I’m up for the challenge. I have to be. I mean, I do have a first draft of a novel waiting to be edited (I just haven’t built up the courage yet!).

But I don’t want poetry to merely be my bread and butter. After writing a novel in a month while juggling a husband, toddler, full-time job and at the time, moving, I feel like I can take on short stories and then work towards another novel. I just want to write! I have to write! I need to write! It’s a requirement for me, like breathing.

I’ll Move On

This following poem was written in my junior year of high school. I am horribly embarrassed by it, but whatevs…it is what it is!


When it’s over and done 

When there’s nothing no more 

I’ll gladly move on 

Escort myself to the door 


It’s gon’ be over and done 

Sooner than you think 

I’ll move on 

Quicker than you can blink 


I’m tired of these games 

You’ll never ever learn 

You keep playin’ with fire 

And now we’re about to burn 


I’ll move on 

I won’t think nothing of it 

I’m finally free 

And yeah I love it 


I got a life to live 

No more time to you will I give 

I’ll move on 

I need a man, you still a kid 


©2005 All Rights Reserved