I recently received my first rejection letter for a short story submission. I’m pretty damn happy about it too! I know you’re probably wondering how I could be happy about a rejection and the explanation is simple: I submitted something to be rejected.

It has taken me two years to build up the courage to submit a short story. I alway come up with an excuse as to why I shouldn’t complete the story so that I have something to submit. Being rejected was the biggest reason I wouldn’t follow through with a submission. But this year, I did. And this year, I got rejected. And after that rejection I’m still alive. My desire to write has not been dampened. I don’t feel like a failure. I don’t feel like I’m never going to be successful. I feel like I’m going to take that rejected short story and post it on Wattpad. And from there, I’m going to write another short story and submit that one as well. And if that one gets rejected, it goes on Wattpad too. These rejected short stories won’t die. I see that now. My ability to create will not fizzle out. That’s what that rejection letter has shown me.

So I’m proud of myself! I’m built of stronger stuff than I realized.

Until It’s Done

So, I recently participated in my first 5k. I have never trained for anything like this. I don’t even run unless food is involved or I’m keeping my toddler from succeeding at her next daredevil stunt. But I did it. I had a team. And they were awesome. It’s often said that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. And I was the weak link. They carried me. Literally, I rode in the basket for at least a mile and ran/walked the rest. And we came in second! I slightly lost my voice and my body ached like crazy. But it was a major milestone for me. It was part of living a good story. I even hit 25,000 steps on my Fitbit in the same day!

Participating in a 5k that I have never trained for and was asked to join like two days prior to the event was a great experience. Not to mention I worked all night before. But this experience taught me that anything is possible when I put my mind to it. And having a support system definitely makes achieving goals easier to attain. And finishing something I never thought I could, it’s a marvelous feeling! I honestly want to participate in another 5k, but this time with some training.

The word “can’t” is going to become limited in my vocabulary. It always seems like something can’t be done until it’s done!