A Different Translation Pt. IV

Well, the first poem has been written! The French translation look awesome, so thank you Google! I’ve decided that I will post the English version first (obviously) and the French translation an hour later! Next to the poem will be OPT in parenthesis, so you’ll know it’s part of the Operation Poetry Translation community! I’m just excited about this! Especially since the poetry process has started. And it’s probably going to be going on for awhile because I still have to translate poems in Spanish, Italian, and German!

I’m looking forward to what I could possibly learn along the way.

Ce sera une expérience amusante!


Another Rejection Letter

Rejection. Nobody likes that feeling. I know I definitely don’t. And that dislike is what took me two years to write a short story and submit it. Well, I finally did that this year and I did get a rejection letter. And to my surprise, I was perfectly fine with that. The real victory was that I actually submitted the short story. Well, now I’m ready for another rejection letter!

I’ve officially wrapped my head around the fact that getting a piece of writing accepted on the first try is damn near impossible. So instead of just sitting out and wondering what could happen, I’ve put on my big girl pants to start seeing what will happen. Now, I already have one rejection letter under my belt. It’s time to go for a second one. As a matter of fact, I have to keep going for the rejection letters until I get the first acceptance letter.

Writing is a process. Writing requires growth. And I’m getting into that comfort and learning and developing my craft. So let the rejection letters roll in. I’ve decided to embrace that word when it comes to my writing!

Thank You #7

Being on vacation, it’s very fitting to thank travel and the discoveries that come along with it. Granted there have been some stresses along the way, but that also leaves room for adjustments. The biggest learning for us is what it means to travel with a toddler. And we have learned that our toddler is a rock star when it comes to being in a car seat for extended periods of time. We’ve also learned that she turns any place into a bigger adventure than we planned for. She got her first war wound in Jackson Square while we were in New Orleans and took it like a champ. She was up and running before the tears even dried.

We also learned that sometimes it’s better to fork over the money and get an Airbnb rather than stay with family. I’m all for free, but I’m also all for sleeping in a bedroom separate from my child.

I also realize that taking trips regularly, even if it’s for a day is definitely helpful for my sanity. I’m tired of getting caught up in the mundane and forgetting that there’s a lot of things around me to see. I like how I feel after being out of my comfort zone. I come back a little bit better than when I left. I’m more relaxed and more determined to start planning and working towards the next travel destination.

So thank you travel for simply being an education within itself! I look forward to learning more about myself, my family, and whatever destination we end up next!

A Busy Writing Month

I fully plan on being insane in the month of April. I’m going to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo and I’m also going to do NaPoWriMo for the first time as well! Poetry is my bread and butter, so NaPoWriMo will probably bring that love back to write poetry on a more consistent basis.

I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time last November and it was a challenge, but it was amazing to say I completed the first draft of a novel. It’s complete crap, but the foundation is there. I still haven’t gone back to do any editing on that novel, but I’m fine with that. I’ll get there eventually. However, since I’ve had about three novel ideas running around in my head, I’m going to take Camp NaNoWriMo as an opportunity to get one of those novels on paper.

And all of this will be done while still making sure I get a post up a day on here. That also means doing all this while being a full-time wife, a full-time mother, and a full-time employee. I’m tired of placing limitations on myself so April will be a month where I challenge myself to see exactly what I’m capable of. I’m living up to my own expectations and if I fail, then I fail, but I’ll at least know what I’m capable of!

April is going to be crazy! And I’m super excited about that!

A Different Translation Pt. III

So, New Orleans can definitely be blamed for this decision, but I’m only going to do the poetry translations in French for now. I love that city! It holds a special spot because that’s where I was born and that’s where my father lives! I was there yesterday and got a coffee mug from Mojo Coffee House that said “Laissez le bon café verser!” which means “Let the good coffee pour!”

So, safe to say, I’m still coming off my high of my family’s day trip to New Orleans and I just want to stick to French for now. I’ll do Italian, Spanish, and German later! It will all get done. And being flexible is a part of being creative when one decides to change their plans. I’m just going to “profitez du voyage”!

Short Attention Span

If there’s one thing for certain, I have a short attention span on a lot of things. One reason is, I genuinely don’t have an interest in whatever is taking place and therefore divert my attention to something that I actually care about. And I’m sure that’s the case with a lot of people. If you don’t care about something, then you don’t care.

But the other reason, is I just have too much going through my brain. I need to eat, I want to write, I have to keep my kid alive, my husband wants to talk, and a million other things. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out where I left off with something. It’s life. And life for me right now is hectic. I’m learning to embrace the hectic and prioritize to make sure the important things get done. And I know it sounds like I’m rambling in this post because I am. The point to this whole thing is that I’m figuring out what requires more attention, even when I don’t want to give it!

Just Relax

If there is one thing I haven’t done in awhile is simply relax. And that’s what I’m doing while on vacation! I’m just relaxing and enjoying the moments. Funnily enough, my creative juices are flowing and I just want to get ideas on paper so that I can develop them. I just feel good and so nothing feels forced right now with writing.

Naturally, I will have posts scheduled out for the next few days because I’ll be out and about adventuring! I just feel good! And I feel happy! I feel like tonight I’ll be doing a good amount of writing!

Writing from the Road

At the present moment I’m in a car heading to Southern Alabama with my family! We’re going to spend a little over a week with my mother, which excites me because I haven’t seen her since Christmas. And this is our first family trip so that also adds to the excitement!

To my surprise, and my husband’s, our tiny tot is doing very well being in her car seat for an extended period of time. She won’t take a nap, but she’s also not pitching a fit, so it’s an overall win! She’ll just have her meltdown once we get to my mom’s.

Now, I haven’t exactly decided if I’m going to write vacation based posts or stay on schedule and work on Operation Poetry Translation! I might just do both!

A Different Translation Pt. II

Admittedly, this whole process looks and feels weird. I’m going to stick with three poems for Operation Poetry Translation. At least for right now. I want to see the outcome of these three poems.

What I’ve come to realize is I keep feeling like the translations I’m given are wrong. But who am I to say an ENTIRE community of people are wrong on a language I don’t speak? I have to learn how to trust something I’m not familiar with. This project is turning into a self-discovery process so to speak.

Now the big challenge is figuring out what the titles of these three poems are going to be!

A Different Translation

I have always had a fascination with learning a different language. I have even made feeble attempts in the past to learn Italian and Spanish on Duolingo. (Which reminds me, I should pick up learning one of those languages again.) Anyway, I want to see what my writing looks like in different languages (you know, as another motivator to learn a new language) and that’s where Google Translate comes in handy! I think it will be a pretty fun project to embark on. I’ve decided that first I will write some new poems because it has been awhile since I’ve written some new poetry. And then I’ll translate the poems into Spanish, Italian, French, and German. I’ve always found those languages the most fascinating and my married name is Italian, so there’s that too!

Now, I haven’t quite decided how many poems I’m going to do, but it’s guaranteed to be at least three! I have no idea what’s going to come of this entire experience, but this is one of those times that I won’t let the fear of the unknown stop me from what I think is a brilliant idea! This project will affectionately be called Operation Poetry Translation!

I’m excited!
¡Estoy emocionado!
Sono emozionato!
Je suis surexcité!
Ich bin aufgeregt!