The Lessons We Learn Along the Way

Life definitely has a way of teaching us lessons, whether we want to learn them or not.

Life has a way of showing us that some things that were once a big deal aren’t a big deal at all.

Life shows us that most of our learning is actually done backwards. We tend to learn the full brevity of our experiences after they’ve happened.

Life can make or break us. It’s all in perspective. I’ve tried the broken route and it only left me miserable and hateful to the world around me. I feel in this one life we have, bitterness and anger aren’t the way to go. If life is but a vapor, I want that vapor to be the best of what I had to offer.

Life is about falling and failing. But it is also about getting up and succeeding. 

Life sometimes just needs to get punched in the face, so punch it in the face!

Life needs Jesus! I know everyone doesn’t feel that way. I once felt that way and I was raised in church. But when I reached a point of no longer wanting to live and I was only 19, I figured I’d see what Jesus was all about. I’d encounter Jesus for myself. And I don’t regret that decision one bit.

Life shows us that if we can hold on just a little longer in the storm, there is an end. My end in my storm was Jesus and I’m glad I held on.

Life shows us its beauty and its ugliness. It also shows us that our response to the beauty and the ugliness says a lot about us.

Life shows us that people need love. We need to love ourselves and we need to love others. No, we’re not going to like everyone and we won’t always get along, but we need to remember that every person we encounter has a person in their life that loves them dearly. We are all people and we all deserve to be treated as such.

Life shows us that people are petty and self-centered. And by people, I mean you and me. In those moments of pettiness and self-centeredness, we can take the high road and we can be selfless.

Life shows us that we are always growing and changing. Who we were a week, a month, a year ago, isn’t who we are today.

Life teaches us that if we don’t learn how to share on our own, those of us who have children will get a crash course in sharing that we will never forget.

Life shows us and teaches us a lot. And I’m sure I can go on forever, but my fingers are beginning to hurt and I really want some hot chocolate. But I will leave it at this: life is beautiful! It’s beautiful like my husband’s green eyes. It’s beautiful like my daughter’s smile. It’s beautiful like my son’s laugh. And when I have a hard time seeing that beauty, I know those are three tangible things I can grab hold of. And those tangible things lead me back to the goodness of God. Life shows me that everyday my starting point should be the goodness of God.

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