It’s Not That Deep

Have you ever found yourself making a really big deal over a really little thing? Be honest, the answer is yes! We’ve all had the dramatic meltdown over something that is completely irrelevant fifteen minutes after the meltdown is over.

Once again, I had this revelation about myself in the most underwhelming way. I couldn’t find my journal that I bring to church for sermon notes, so I had to grab a little legal pad instead. The legal pad wasn’t what I wanted, but it served its purpose -I got my notes written down. Later on I found the journal on the floor by my desk. Surprisingly, I didn’t have a meltdown this time around, but I have had meltdowns in the past over something as minor as a journal.

It’s a matter of control. I want things to go a certain way and if they don’t then my day is ruined. My Sunday wasn’t ruined though because I couldn’t find that journal. My Sunday was awesome. My kid cooperated the entire morning and no one judged me for taking sermon notes on a junior legal pad instead of inside my cute journal that has all the different names for Jesus on the cover and Bible verses on every page. Nope, I got my notes and I joined that church, and my kid cooperated on the way home! It was a great Sunday.

A lot of things in life aren’t that deep. We just make them that way. I know I do. But I’m 30, so at some point it’s time for me to grow up about a lot of things. I’ll leave the meltdowns to my two-year-old, especially when her Oreo cookies are “stuck” and she can’t open them.

I’m learning to breathe in and then breathe out.


I’ve also started telling myself, “Calm down. It’s not that deep.”


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