Heat of the Moment (A Poem)

Last night I made the greatest speech

That this morning I have come to regret

See in the heat of the moment

And in the midst of my anger

I was truly quick to forget

That we both agreed to never go to bed angry

But even before that we agreed to never attack one another

Now I’m wrapped in a blanket of shame

And the guilt ceases to hover

I won’t point fingers at you

You know what you did wrong

But that didn’t mean I had to fire back

And let the anger carry on

So here we are

In the moment of forgiveness and reconciliation

Never again will we get to this point where the focus is retaliation

I love you

And hurting me is hurting myself

Which can never again be the case


That’s what we need

If it means no longer spewing hatred in each other’s face


©2014 All Rights Reserved


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