A Journey to Simplification

Last week I stapled 15 sheets of paper together. At the top of the first page I wrote The Never Ending Reading List. The goal was to fill every line with books that I want to read over the next two years. Last night, I started a spreadsheet for the reading list instead. It’s in my Google Drive, so it’s in the cloud, so I can have it with me anywhere I go. Fifteen sheets of paper is just one more thing in my backpack I don’t really want.

I love paper. I have a lot of paper. A lot of my writing is on paper. The trouble is, paper adds up and it takes up space. I’m beginning to value my space and digitizing my writing has become a great journey to keep my writing while getting rid of the clutter that is paper. Our space is limited and I need to prioritize what I want to use my limited space for. Paper is not a priority for me.

Another purpose for creating a reading list spreadsheet is because I’m going to get rid of a lot of books. I love having a physical book in my hand, but with limited space, many of my books need to go. They’ll get added to the reading list and when I get around to that title, then I will check it out from the library. I can have my cake and eat it too in this case.

I just have too much stuff. And most of that stuff is books and paper. It’s going to feel nice to have freed up so much space once I’m done digitizing writing and donating books I really don’t want. Long road ahead, but I’m make progress, so that’s all that matters for now!


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