I’ll Move On

This following poem was written in my junior year of high school. I am horribly embarrassed by it, but whatevs…it is what it is!


When it’s over and done 

When there’s nothing no more 

I’ll gladly move on 

Escort myself to the door 


It’s gon’ be over and done 

Sooner than you think 

I’ll move on 

Quicker than you can blink 


I’m tired of these games 

You’ll never ever learn 

You keep playin’ with fire 

And now we’re about to burn 


I’ll move on 

I won’t think nothing of it 

I’m finally free 

And yeah I love it 


I got a life to live 

No more time to you will I give 

I’ll move on 

I need a man, you still a kid 


©2005 All Rights Reserved 


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